Saturday, October 27, 2012

our week in iPhone pics

I wish I did this every week.  But I most certainly do not.
And this week was one of the busiest of all, so don't ask me how I remembered to take pictures.

Last weekend Adam and I got a real date.  As in -- dinner, window shopping, dessert, and a movie.

We like to park at the movie theater and walk over to Hubbel & Hudson for some of this:

Yes! We make ourselves little goody bags and sneak them into the movie for dessert.  Yummy.
Have you ever had chocolate covered gummy bears.  Oh my gosh.  

Also this week Adam made Luke a "train table."  It's a knockoff of the one from PBK and we all love it.  I loved this picture because Daisy looks so proud like she helped or something.

I actually worked overtime this week (read: more than 16 hours, ha!) and missed my little man so much that Thursday afternoon was a Luke and mommy date!  We picked up cranberry slushies from Sonic which I've seriously been craving these days! and went to the park for some playtime.

Actually.  No.  I've been craving snow cones if you must know the truth.  But try finding a snow cone stand in October.  Funny thing is - it was 90 degrees on this day so I don't know why those places don't stay open year round in our state.  Anyway.  I settle for slushy.  

Last night I made cream cheese brownies and let Luke lick the beater for the first time ever.  He was in Heaven. 

And this morning we woke up to the season's first genuine cold front!  (Two days ago I was in a tank top!)  Our jog was freezing!  I made Luke "hot chocolate" to take in an insulated cup to keep him warm and he hated it!  He would take a sip and spit it out and look up at me like, something's wrong with this milk!

Happy Fall!  :)

Friday, October 19, 2012

seven acre woods

Adam completely surprised me by taking today off of work and staying home with us!
So this morning we went to seven acre woods with these adorable kids -

- and their adorable parents -

 - to enjoy an absolutely gorgeous day -

- by playing in the boat -

- and feeding a goat -

- and riding in cars!

What a wonderful last minute surprise family day!  Now Luke and I are going to take naps while Daddy works on a project outside. 

Next stop - date night!  What a day!

Monday, October 8, 2012

honey and cramer

My mom got married on September 15.  What a beautiful, special, amazing day.  I'd like to introduce Vickie and Cramer Hegeman.  :)

I really can't believe I'm just now posting this.  I think I was just so disappointed not to have any great wedding pictures to share.  Evidently, I was too busy dancing and forgot about my camera.

Thank goodness for professional pictures.  View them here!  :)

I did manage to get a couple of this little man though.  In a tux.  He was quite the hit. 

To say that I am happy for her does not really explain.  I am happy. 
But I am amazed and thankful and proud and excited. 
I love her.  I love him.  And I love them together.
I love to see the way that the Lord has brought them together.
He is writing a beautiful story.  

Welcome to the family, Cramer.
Love you both.