Saturday, August 10, 2013

august update

Where has this summer gone?

Oh wait.  I know.

It's gone to the pool and the splash pad and the sprinklers.
It's gone to nursing and bouncing and tummy time.
It's gone to date nights (thank God for grandparents) and West Wing marathons.
It's gone to housework and painting and play doh.
It's gone to the mall and to play dates and to Honey's house.
It's gone to a very big project that's still sort of a secret. (More on that later!)
It's gone to mama going back to work.  And Annie learning to take a bottle. (That was no easy task.)
It's gone to speech therapy and well child checks and community group.
It's gone to girl's night out and friends from out of town and family trips to Home Depot.

It's been busy and fun and relaxed and hard and easy all at the same time.  I've enjoyed that Luke was not in school and that I was not at work (until last week).  The end of August brings a little more structure and busyness to our world, and although that's okay, I've really enjoyed our relaxed summertime.