Friday, February 25, 2011

home for a week!

Hard to believe we've been home for a week now... 
Time is flying by, and life with a newborn is quite an adjustment!

I didn't think it would be possible to love him any more ...
But every day brings deeper feelings and even stronger emotion ...

This little man is amazing ...
Look at the way he folds his hands ...

 And how wide awake he can be ... for a long time!

If it looks like he's in the same outfit over and over, it's because he is.  Nothing fits!  Newborn clothes are not made for 5 pound peanuts!  (We even have to fold down his preemie diapers!) So we do lots of laundry and rotate his PJs ...

... he doesn't seem to mind too much!  And he'll grow into all of his big boy clothes soon enough.  But for now, I'm enjoying every moment I have with my little baby ...

... because he is the best thing we've ever done.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

welcome luke elliott!

Our little man made his way into the world on Wednesday, February 16 at 11:53 a.m, at 37 weeks gestation.  He weighed in at a whopping 5 pounds 9 ounces and was 18.5 inches long!  

He is wide-eyed, quiet, strong, and amazing.  His eyes are dark blue-gray, he has long fingers and long arms, a head full of sandy blond hair, and the cutest little lips you've ever seen.  

I've never known a love like this.  Never known joy or amazement or fear or awe like this.  I am in love with his every inch and I am so glad to be his mother.  

Praise God from whom all blessings flow. 

I'll write more details later, but for now,  I think these pictures tell our story ... 

Monday, February 14, 2011

waiting and waiting and chicken 'n dumplins

Great news!  I'm all done with my clinical hours!  I finished up at Lake Area Pediatrics on Thursday, so no more clinic!  I had a great time there, and if you're looking for a pediatrician in the Conroe/Montgomery area, Dr. Robinson is amazing.  But man, oh man, am I glad to be finished! 

Now I have just a few weeks to make last minute preparations for little man.  Although, he could come at any minute and I wouldn't be too disappointed! 

We had a nice low-key weekend.  I rested a LOT, Adam worked on a few projects around the house, and last night we made chicken 'n dumplins together for the first time, because I was craving a nice warm bowl.  :)

Growing up, my dad despised chicken 'n dumplins.  He used to say that there was nothing right about "boiled biscuit dough."  Well, I got confused and have been living the past few years thinking that Adam despised chicken 'n dumplins.  I started thinking about this yesterday sometime and finally just came out and asked, do you like chicken 'n dumplins?  He got this big grin and told me it was one of his favorites because his mom used to make it growing up! 

Adam never makes me feel like I have to live up to his mother - not in anything.  But after mentioning the chicken 'n dumplins thing, he insisted that we call his mom to get her recipe, because it was just that good!  Ha! 

So we did - and we made a pretty good dinner.  Then we put our feet up and watched the Grammy's!

I'm savoring every slow, quiet evening that we have right now, knowing that life is going to change very soon!  I love our little life and our little family, but I'm so excited about meeting this baby that sometimes it feels as though time is just standing still!

Adam took a few pics of me on Saturday in the nursery.  We are using an old rocking chair from his parents' house.  It was used when they bought it, over 30 years ago.  Adam and all of his sisters were rocked to sleep in it and I'm so excited to have it for our little man.  It has a little squeak with every rock, and it sort of tilts to one side, too.  But it adds so much character to his space and I absolutely love it!

Almost 37 weeks!  Let the countdown begin!