Sunday, June 16, 2013

happy father's day

Here's to dads who love like crazy!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

annie - one month

Annie girl!
Your first month with us has come and gone and you are fitting into our family just perfectly.

You weigh a little over 8 pounds and to me you're looking a little chunky!
You are still an eat-play-sleep kinda baby and you want to eat every 3 hours.  Even at night.
But you go right back to sleep after nighttime feedings, which is great for momma.
You sleep in your bassinet in our room.

We've had some issues with nursing, but we're working through them.
Right now you nurse and get expressed breast milk through a bottle, too.

You recognize our voices and you're starting to focus on our faces.
We are still waiting for your first smile.

You cry when you're hungry or tired or put in your car seat.
You love to be held in the baby sling and you're very content to sleep on my chest.
You just took a paci for the first time.

I cannot even describe how much I love you.
This month with you has been so sweet!