Monday, March 30, 2009

the coolest thing we've ever done

We've bought a house! Not just any house - but a house that will be completely renovated (hopefully by May 1, right baby?) - completely ours - completely new - but old - and that's kinda cool.  7 Water Elm was destroyed by Hurricane Ike when a tree fell through it and it flooded.  The owners gutted it completely and sold it to us! Now, we renovate! 

We are starting from scratch.  As you can see above, the house doesn't even have a roof.  Nor does it have walls.  It's been gutted down to the studs.  No appliances, no electricity, no water, nada.  (But it does have a pool!  :))

We closed on the home three weeks ago and have been so busy since then.  It looks different already - with a roof! No more big blue tarp!  I get to choose everything from cabinets to bathtubs to floors and faucets and Adam is doing what he does best - building!  This weekend we started the plumbing.  And by "we," I mean Adam, his dad, and his Uncle Hank.  They worked so hard to run plumbing lines.  I worked on Saturday and our text messages went something like this:

me: hey babe how's it going over there?
adam: good almost done with the gas lines
me: i thought you were doing plumbing today!!
adam: that is plumbing
me: oh

I don't know much, so Adam does most of the hard work.  Evidently, plumbing is all things pipes - I always thought plumbing meant water but it doesn't. 

We've got a long ways to go.  Will post more (updated!) pictures soon.


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