Tuesday, December 1, 2009

family thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! We've had an awesome week, with much more free time than expected. I was supposed to work on Thanksgiving and the day after, but I got cancelled all but a few hours on Thanksgiving afternoon. Adam's entire family has been in town -- all three sisters with husbands, kids, and dogs in tow. Although I missed the big feast, word is that there were almost 40 people at my mother-in-law's house and she had the full spread. I did get to eat leftovers on Thursday night and then had a real Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday with my mom. Got to see an aunt and uncle from Dallas that I hadn't seen in years, enjoyed a steak dinner at my dad's, went house hunting with my sister-in-law, ate at Cheddar's with our friends, helped teach my nephew how to ride a bike, played about 100 rounds of peek-a-boo with my niece, watched my dog swim in the pond by our house when it was 50 degrees outside, got a new car!, bought a Christmas tree, watched a silly movie with my husband, slept in 'til 8:00 every morning, made some delicious fudge, brought a Thanksgiving dinner to some folks who don't have much of anything, played the rhyming game with nephews at Olive Garden, ran in beautiful weather, went to church, played at the park, and enjoyed every moment of my time off. It was an awesome week. I am truly truly thankful for friends and family this season. For an amazing, selfless, generous, husband who is my best friend and favorite person. For a home filled with people and dogs and food and laughter. For a relationship with my dad stronger than it's ever been before. For a mom who is following her heart and her dreams and who is happier than ever. For the opportunities to go to school, go to work, do what I love and learn more about that. For friends who feel more like family every day. For a God who loves me, and for the little things in life that remind me of that. Happy Thanksgiving.

This picture pretty much sums up my nephews and niece. I had tried all week to get a picture of all of them - together - with me! And we finally got one .... sort of. I love love love Abigail in the back, smiling for the camera! Isn't she precious!

The boys.

Abigail on my couch. :)

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