Monday, October 11, 2010

new life

The thought of new life, especially in such a season of turmoil, is exhilarating. What a merciful, loving God. What a precious gift.

We are so excited about this little one, it's hard to stop smiling sometimes. It's been a wonderful few months, acting in every way like first time expecting parents.

We're calling the baby peanut for now, which seems to suit it just fine.

We've told our family, our friends, and just about anyone else who would listen. We've talked about names, made a few trips to Babies R Us, planned a nursery, read books, taken pictures of my growing belly, celebrated, prayed, researched, and shopped. What a sweet, sweet time in our marriage and family.

I had a very typical first trimester, with some morning sickness, exhaustion, and cravings.

Adam teased me in the beginning because he caught me eating Cheez-Its for breakfast. For about two weeks, they were just about the only thing I could manage to keep down. I even ate them in the bathtub one time. There is nothing better for a nauseated pregnant woman than a warm bath, Norah Roberts, and Cheez-Itz. All at the same time.

He told all the guys at work that he was going to have to buy stock in Cheez-It. I've been teased ever since. And even though I still like the little orange crackers, my diet is much more balanced. I'm eating a variety of nutritious foods and no longer throwing any of them up. :)

We've had several ultrasounds along the way, and I will never get tired of seeing that little one in my belly. Such life, such a miracle. I am so in love.

The big ultrasound is this Friday. We will be able to see all the organs up close, which I'm anxiously anticipating! And we'll get to see what's between our little peanut's legs!

Here's a few shots of my growing belly!

Not yet really showing at 8 weeks. The nursery is a work in progress behind me. Adam installed the fancy trim and beadboard just after we found out that we were expecting.

Ah yes, growing already at 16 weeks here! This will be the last time I post pictures of bare skin on the internet.

I've popped out even more since then .... at almost 19 weeks I'm really, really starting to look like there's something in there!

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  1. You are on a blogging roll!! I love it!! And I love you :)