Thursday, January 20, 2011

33 weeks

Just a little update on baby Luke. I got to see him on ultrasound on Tuesday and he's the cutest thing in the whole world! He's about 4.25 pounds, is clocking in right about the 40th percentile for size, and still has his hands over his face! But we were able to see a little bit and he was smacking his lips, kicking his feet, and wiggling his arms and legs all over the place!

Everything is going according to schedule and I can't wait to meet our little peanut!

I'm feeling pretty good. My feet have started to swell and that's a bit annoying. But I still love feeling him move around inside of me, and I'm so thankful for the opportunity to carry this child. We are in full nesting mode around here - putting the nursery together, cleaning out closets, and making room for the newest member of our family.

Just under 7 weeks 'til due date! :)

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  1. It's getting so close! Love the shower pics. You look great Jen!!