Wednesday, April 27, 2011

time flying by

Can't believe it's been so long since I posted.
Time with little man is just flying by.
We fill our days with things like this ...

Luke and Molly's first real play date.  Luke played.  Molly snoozed.

Sleeping on the couch with mommy.  (Adam took this, we were completely out!)
And excuse the poor photo quality.  Most of these are iPhone pics...  The best way to capture sweet memories in the moment!

Going to the hardware store with Daddy - in his first pair of shoes!

Rocking on aunt Kathryn's front porch in Kerrville.  (Took a great road trip! Luke enjoyed the Texas Hill Country and his first night in a hotel!)

Smiling at himself in the mirror!  Little man loves the mirror! 

The other day I ventured off to HEB all by myself (a nice treat!) while Luke was at home with Adam.  I got this picture via text and it made my whole day.  What a precious family we have!

This little man has totally changed our lives.  Motherhood is humbling and terrifying and frustrating and wonderful.  Just one look at this face and I am reminded of the love and grace that God gives us, daily.  

Thank You, Jesus, for this precious Life. 

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