Wednesday, June 8, 2011

little man update

This past weekend, Luke had a few firsts.

His first 5k, thanks to Honey, who pushed him in the stroller.

His first concert, thanks to John Sherrill who released his new CD on Sunday evening.

And his first rainstorm, thanks to God, who gave this dry earth a bit of drought relief!  It rained and stormed so loud here on Sunday night that despite a white noise machine, Luke was woken up by the thunder!  He went right back to sleep, and I was so thankful for the rain that I didn't mind one bit.

In other news, we have started intensive therapy for Luke's leg and foot this week.  We are going to go every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to OT/PT for stretching and manipulation.  This wears him out!  He is such a trooper, sweet little man.  He only fusses when he's stretched really hard, and he thoroughly enjoys the moist heat and massage that come before and after the stretching.

We take his play mat so that he has something familiar.  He talks to his little animals and flirts with his therapists for almost an hour while they work with his little leg.  On Friday, he will be remeasured to determine if intensive therapy is working or not, and we will go from there.

He has been wearing a hard splint for about 8 weeks now, and there's a possibility that he will have to move to serial casting (plaster cast that is changed weekly) for more dramatic results.

We see the orthopedic specialist in three weeks and we will get another x-ray!  This will be the first x-ray since his birth, and I am so anxious to see what it reveals. 

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  1. Praying for positive results from the Xray.