Friday, July 1, 2011

camp 220

This week, Luke and I spent our days in Waxahachie for Camp 220.
I was the camp nurse, and Luke was our entertainment.
He had such a great time and was such a trooper.

I was too busy with my nursing duties and worship and reading and eating and socializing to take any great pictures, but I got a few with my phone to remember our week.

Luke enjoyed riding all around the campus in his stroller.

And when he got sleepy, I simply swaddled him and gave him a paci so he could take naps on-the-go.

And when we were in the dorm, he hung out here, in his pack 'n play.
Happy little boy!

But what I couldn't capture with a camera was the spiritual growth and healing and awakening that happened while we were there.  What an amazing ministry and an awesome week.

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