Sunday, October 16, 2011

eight months

OH little Luke.  You are eight months old today.  You are the most handsome thing in the world.

You are tiny.  You still wear 3-6 month clothes and size 2 diapers.
In fact, I tried to put on 3-6 month jeans yesterday and they are still too big.
But you eat like a trojan, so I'm thinking you'll grow into them soon.

You are still breastfed, though I just started adding some formula to your food for the extra protein.
You will eat just about anything and although you get lots of baby food, you are starting to eat table food just a little bit.

Speaking of table food, you are getting a pincer grasp.  You can pick up anything.
You are getting up on your hands and knees!  This started last week and we are so proud of you!
You roll all over the place, scoot backwards easily, and will be crawling any day now.
You can sit up on your own, but you still fall backwards quite a bit.

You are so expressive.

You say lots of things in your own language.
Da, la, ya, ooh, ah. 
Several times, I swear you've said daisy.

You love the microwave.  You are fascinated by it.
When you are nervous, you put two fingers in your mouth and stare at what's making you nervous.
Mostly, it's strangers.
You're scared of the vacuum but you love the blow dryer.
You love your dad, your Honey, and your babysitter.

We are in therapy every other week for right now! Yay!
You have a splint that you wear just about all day every day, and you don't seem to mind much.
We still pray healing over your leg.  

You take a paci for just a few minutes to go to sleep, and you love your blanket.
You sleep for 11-12 hours at night, and take 2-3 short naps every day.  
Nothing, and I mean nothing makes you happier than being outside.

Love you little man.  

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