Sunday, June 17, 2012

happy father's day

I've known for almost seven years now that I'm married to an absolutely amazing man.  Truly, truly, I have a wonderful husband.  We've had ups and downs in marriage and life.  Neither one of us is perfect.  But I know that I was made for him, and he for me.

Watching him become a daddy over the past year has given me an even greater appreciation for his character and spirit.  This man loves deep and strong and selfless and fierce.

Luke loves his daddy.  People are often surprised when I tell them that given the choice, Luke would choose Adam over me ninety-nine times out of one hundred.  That's the truth.  And though it can sting this mama's heart just a little bit, I'd really rather not have it any other way.

Adam is a wonderful daddy to Luke and I look forward to seeing their relationship grow and change as Luke gets older.

Babe, thank you for loving us like you do.
Thank you for not being scared of the really big poopy diapers.
For doing dinner, bath, and bed all by yourself on the nights that I work.
For trips to the park and afternoons in the pool.
For unusual patience during tantrums.  :)
Thank you for helping me unload the car and the kid and the groceries.
For feeding the dog and walking her, too.
For paying the bills and playing with trucks.
For reminding me to let go and for your precious optimism.
For running the vacuum and running with the stroller running with Daisy.
For cutting up Luke's food at restaurants so that I can eat slowly.
For caring about how well he napped or how well he played.
Thank you for taking care of us in the little things, and the big ones too.
You are my best friend and the best father I could ever imagine.
We love you.

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