Thursday, September 6, 2012

first day of "school"

Let me just start out by saying that little man has something they like to call separation anxiety.

I'm not talking about a little fuss here and there when I leave him.  Oh.  No.
I'm talking serious screaming, like the kind that can be heard from the next zip code.
I'm talking it took us months for him to make it all the way through church in the nursery.
I'm talking - his Sunday School teacher said to me, he just doesn't give up!
Kicking screaming grabbing crying red puffy eyes fit.  
Serious separation anxiety here.

So I thought it would be really good for him if I took him to a place he'd never been, to teachers he'd met one time, in a room full of kids he'd never seen, with a nap mat he'd never tried, and leave him for four hours longer than he's ever been left in his life.

Mother's Day Out. 

And guess what?  He cried.  Kicked and screamed during drop-off.  'Bout ripped my heart right out of my guilt-ridden body.

And then.  And then he did okay.  He really honestly did alright.
Report on day one was that he cried off and on throughout the day, but had periods of contentment too.  He napped on a mat.  He ate some of his lunch.  He did a craft and went to chapel.

And when I walked in to pick him up, he ran faster than those little legs have ever run, straight into my arms.  

I think this is going to be good for him.
And for me, too. 

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  1. Such cute first day pics! And yes I will be good for both of you!