Saturday, April 4, 2009

we have walls!

Today we started sheetrocking, so our new house has walls!  Aren't they beautiful!  Adam and I worked really hard all morning at the house and then we got dressed and hit The Woodlands Art Festival and had a yummy dinner together.  It was such a nice date, we haven't spend a whole day together like this since we bought the house and our lives got nuts.  Anyway, after our date we went to Water Elm, as we like to call it, to see how far the guys had come with sheetrocking.  They almost finished!  It is so neat to walk through it now and get a feel for the layout when you can't see straight through the studs.  

Speaking of studs .... :)

And this is me celebrating our soon-to-be living room.  We'll have a fireplace!

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