Friday, May 8, 2009

moving days!

Wednesday was May 6, the day I've been counting down to!  My finals were finally finished!  Stress relieved!  (I made all A's!)  And it was time to focus on packing...

Now, I sit in the middle of boxes, my whole house (almost!) is packed, and we're about ready to start loading the truck.  We'll spend our last night here on Thorngrove Lane before moving to Water Elm tomorrow.  It has been such a busy two months, and this is the culmination.  Adam and I are exhausted, a bit overwhelmed, but mostly just full of joy and excitement.  What a wonderful life we live.

I can't believe we bought this house three years ago.  Packing takes me down memory lane, and images from the last three years come back to me.  We moved into this house the day before our One Year Anniversary in July of 2006.  For that matter, I can't believe we've been married for almost four years!  We've had two different families live with us for extended time here, we've had tons of company, parties, a baby shower, lots of dominoes (right M&M?), several Monday night small groups, lots of fetch, lots of cooking, lots of American Idol dinners, and much, much conversation.  What a great home.... 
       Bye-Bye first house!  Bye Thorngrove Lane!

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