Wednesday, June 17, 2009

meet daisy

So I promised my friend Kathryn that I would never post stories and pictures of my dog on this blog in a sorta wanna-be-mom kind of a way, as if my dog were half as cute as this family, or this one, or this precious face...

And I'm sure that being Daisy's mom isn't anything at all like being a real mom.  But with the whole grad school thing, being a real mom is going to wait a while.  Sooo, I post stories and pictures of my dog.  on my blog.  Sorry Kat.  (And that very Seuss-ish rhyme was for you.)

Allow me to introduce you to Daisy, our two year old Weimaraner.  You may recall this little peanut from facebook pics a few years ago...

Well, Daisy loves to run, jump, fetch, sit on the couch, ride in the car, run, chew bones, catch ice in mid air, run, shake, roll over, run, play with Shelby, eat sticks, run, and go running with me.  But until today Daisy hated hated hated hated to swim.  Ever since we moved into the new house she's been terrified of the pool.  

One time Adam threw her in the pool just, ya know, to see, and even though she made it out just fine, she stayed at least three feet clear of Adam for the next several days, terrified that he would throw her in again.  

A few days ago, we decided to entice her into the pool with her very favorite... a pink frisbee.  And, after lots of running and barking and being spastic, she got in to fetch the pink frisbee!  And swam back to the edge!  So we've been practicing every day for the last few days and today we had breakthrough.  

I took her out to the backyard to play and fetch the pink frisbee in the pool, which she did, very well.  And then I decided to swim a few laps.  I know I know it's not really a lap pool but why not burn a few calories while I get some sun, huh?  So I started swimming back and forth back and forth.  Daisy runs alongside the pool, watching me, barking occasionally.  She gets really excited when we swim.  

And then there was a splash.  She jumped in right behind me, and started swimming next to me.  And she swam back and forth and back and forth and back and forth, right next to me, for like 10 or 15 minutes!  She had gotten in the water without the enticing pink frisbee!  

I was such a proud mama.  Umm, dog-owner.  

I laughed out loud, the whole time.  I couldn't believe she had gotten in!  Our dog who was terrified of the water!  I got some pics of the pink frisbee catching.  I promise this is the last time I post dorky pictures of my dog.  on my blog.  Okay, I don't promise anything.     

Dorky or not...  She is the best.

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