Friday, July 24, 2009

happy four years to us!

Yesterday was our fourth anniversary! I can hardly believe we've been married for four years! Looking back on the past four years, one truth is oddly apparent. And I've said this before -- I never realized how difficult the first year was until I recently realized how wonderful things are now. I look back and I think, I just thought I loved you then, or I just thought things were fun then! We are not perfect people. We both mess up. We have rough days. But overall, we have an incredibly sweet, unbelievably easy, wonderfully intimate, best-friends-forever, let's spend all our time together kind of marriage. I am so fortunate. My husband is awesome.

So he had a date planned for our actual anniversary -- Thursday. I had him all tricked to think that he had to plan the date. When really, I was being very sneaky. I planned a date for Wednesday. Wednesday was a great day anyway because we closed on our house! Finally! It's a long story but we were still on our construction loan and we had to get that converted to real, 30-year kind of mortgage. Ask Adam for details. Anyway, it was very difficult because of how jacked up things are right now in the mortgage-slash-economic world. So closing was a big deal. When we were done we came home and I had our fancy clothes all set out! It was a big surprise! We changed clothes and went into Houston where we ate a yummy dinner. At dinner, I surprised Adam with this:

Tickets to Cirque du Soleil's Saltimbanco! I bought them on Craig's list at the last minute, got a killer deal that came with parking and a pass to the Lexus Lounge at the Toyota Center. Adam was shocked! We've always wanted to go see this show together, but had never done it. I think he was just glad that I planned something this time -- took him out! We had a blast!

Then again, we always have a blast. I didn't get any pictures that night but here's a few just for fun!

I love you, Adam!

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