Friday, August 14, 2009

abby and the chocolate bar

This week, we welcomed our friend Abby, all the way from Pittsburgh, PA! She's a Texas girl at heart, and needed a few days to get back to her roots. Me, my mom, and Abby filled two days full of activities and then I had to go back to work, while Ab and my mom finished out her trip. Just wanted to post a few pictures. Here we are at The Chocolate Bar. :)

This is Abby and my mom -- Ab is modeling some of their merchandise.

Unfortunately, we never got anyone to take a pic of the three of us, so it's just that awkward two-at-a-time with the same scenery type of photography. Still, a great memory! This girl and I go way back!

And lastly, this is just me and my mom. She's the most wonderful female on the face of this planet. And I love her so much!

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