Sunday, October 11, 2009

happy 50th birthday mom!

SURPRiSE, momma! We surprised my mom last night with a big party to celebrate her 50th birthday, which is on Monday. It was a great time, with great food and even greater people. Thanks to my wonderful friends who helped get everything together. We had such a blast cooking and decorating and scheming and laughing and just being girls! The guys had fun, too. The first thing Adam said this morning was, "we need to have another party!" I wasn't too great of a photographer last night but this was my favorite picture ...

People tell me all the time that we look alike. I've never really seen it before. But after looking at this picture, I could deny it no longer! This is crazy! :) And it's a great compliment, mom. You are so beautiful. Your spirit is so genuine, your heart so selfless. You are an amazing woman. You are my best friend. When I am fifty, I hope I am only half as amazing and beautiful and sincere and brave and kind as you are today. Happy Birthday.

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  1. So when are YOU going to update your blog?? Hmmm???? :)