Sunday, October 11, 2009

ten for texas

Yesterday morning was the Ten for Texas -- a 10 mile run through The Woodlands. My Dad and I have been training for it together, and we finished! It was great weather and a fun event. My friend Meghann ran the race really fast. Here are a few pictures!

Can I just say how proud I am of my Dad! A few months ago he decided to shed a few pounds, so he got into the gym and started working out. Several weeks later I asked if he would run this race with me and, without hesitation, he said YES! And there was no looking back. He trained his butt off and finished strong! My Dad used to run all the time, but it's been years since he was consistent. This renewed love for the sport is great for his physical health and mental well-being... so, God willing, he will be strong and healthy to see his grandchildren grow up! No, there's no news of grandchildren, I'm just saying... I'm so proud of you, Dad!

Now we need to sign up for another race. Any suggestions?

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