Monday, November 1, 2010

i love my paw paw

Got to celebrate the fiftieth wedding anniversary of some sweet friends of my grandfather's. Happy anniversary, Jack & Phyllis! What a beautiful example of love, friendship, and dedication. It was a really neat event and we had so much fun.

I really enjoyed seeing my Paw-Paw, who is so excited about his first great grandchild ... He introduced my belly to everyone!

And now for a full body shot to show off my 21 week belly. We haven't been so good at documenting the growth, but I am growing!


  1. Oh, I love your Paw-paw, too! :) You look sooo beautiful!! Abby Kate said to tell little Luke hello and she can't wait to meet him!!

  2. I just saw a comment from you on Meredith's blog came on over and saw you have a blog AND you have a baby in your belly. I'm praising the Lord for you right now. What a Blessing! I look forward to seeing you grow as a mother and how the Lord will change your heart during this season of life.