Sunday, March 13, 2011

luke meets great grandparents

These days, our little lives revolve around breastfeeding.
Sitting in the swing.
Diaper changes.

Walks around the block.

This week, Luke got to meet his great grandfather, Chuck.  (Adam's dad's dad.)

Four generations of Martin men.
Well, three men and one little man, who slept through the whole encounter.  

And he got to meet his great grandmother, Annie, or GG.  (Adam's mom's mom.)

This meeting was especially sweet to me.
It blesses me to sit in the company of those who have lived through more than I could dream.
Annie is one of those women.

Her wisdom and laughter brought joy to my heart!
This woman delivered and raised six children -- and lives to tell a beautiful story.

She laughed and laughed and laughed when she held Luke. 
She kept saying, goodness gracious! over and over again as if the beauty and miracle of new life surprised her, even still.

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  1. You are all such a beautiful family. So sweet to see the generations.