Monday, September 26, 2011

adam's first triathlon

We spent the weekend in the San Antonio area visiting our friends Matt, Meghann and Miss Molly Bee.  We had a blast.

On Saturday morning, Meg and I loaded up the babies in their Bobs ...

And headed to San Marcos, where we happened to find these two about to jump in the river...

While the guys competed in the Aquarena Springs Tri, we spent the morning in the beautiful Texas Hill Country as spectators.  We cheered on our husbands and let the babies play on a blanket...

Look at those hineys!  Meg made them matching onesies just for this occasion. 

Luke passed the time by trying to pull the bow off of Molly's head and playing in eating the dirt.  Little rascal. 

The guys did great!

And we had a wonderful time hanging out with our friends. 
We miss this family so much and just can't wait for them to move back home!  ;)

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