Monday, April 2, 2012

a little of this...

I spent last week in San Antonio at the 2012 NAPNAP conference. 
It was so nice to get away and spend some time by myself.
Even if I was sitting through lectures about probiotics and asthma.
Actually, I love sitting through lectures about probiotics and asthma. 
And infectious disease and immunizations.  Ah.  What a great week.

But it was so nice to come home to this little guy!

He didn't start walking while I was gone, (thank goodness! wouldn't that have been sad!), but he's making slow and steady progress, and that's fun.  He'll let go and take a step or two on his own, he just doesn't quite have the bravery - or balance - to go too far yet. 

While I was gone Luke and daddy spent their days doing all kinds of fun things.  In this picture, they're watching the lawn guys.  Luke loves the mowers.  So cute!

And this isn't relavent to much of anything, but this picture is from dinner tonight and you can really see those top two teeth, which are brand new.  He's just the cutest thing in the whole world.

We had king ranch chicken casserole (or my version of it, anyway) and I'm pretty sure he ate as much as I did.  Chunker. 

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