Wednesday, November 21, 2012

simple season

This season, I am most thankful for a simple life.

The other day, I listened as a friend talked about the busyness of her day-to-day.  She has three school aged children and she was not complaining one bit, but between school and homework and extracurriculars, they are jam packed.

It occurred to me then that our life right now is so opposite.  Don't get me wrong, we certainly have things to do.

We fill our days with work, speech therapy, specialists appointments for Luke and OB appointments for me.  We have play dates, church and community group.  Adam and I are both consistent about working out.
But we move slow around here.  We are rarely in a big rush.  There are almost always enough hours in the day.  I rarely wonder how I'll get it all done.

Adam comes home at a decent hour every night. I only work two days a week.  We are home by seven every evening, when Luke goes to sleep and Adam and I have several hours to ourselves.

After the chaos of graduate school, it's a welcome pace.  Truly, it is.
I wouldn't trade these slow, simple days for anything.

Playing with cars.

Hanging out at the park (pun intended).

Snacking (seriously, always).

And waiting for daddy to come home for lunch (our favorite). 

I know there will come a day when we've got one in soccer and one in ballet.  When we eat dinner on-the-go and breakfast on our way out the door.  And I will try to see the beauty in that season, too.  But today, I am just so thankful for this one. 

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