Tuesday, November 20, 2012

we're expecting baby #2!

Yes, yes.  Luke has a little announcement.

His only child status is expected to expire May 18, 2013 and we are so excited!  We used this t-shirt to tell our families several weeks ago, but I've waited to tell the cyber-world until just now.

We found out on the morning of September 8 when I was just barely 4 weeks pregnant.  A faint little line lead me to believe it was positive, and a digital test confirmed our news.

I took the test alone early that morning while Adam was out for a ride and Luke was still sleeping.  I'm surprised that I didn't wake him up with my giggles and squeals.  I was absolutely ecstatic. 

My plan was to tell Adam that night, at a romantic dinner for two.  But when he walked in the door from his ride later that morning, I just couldn't contain myself.  I actually forgot all about my plan to wait, and I just  blurted it out!

He was shocked.  And excited.  And a little overwhelmed.  :)

I am 14 weeks now and feeling pretty good.  I was sick through the first trimester with Luke, so this pregnancy has surprised me with far less nausea and just a little bit of tiredness.  Glad to have rounded the corner, though, and entered that blessed second trimester.

We've gotten to see the baby on ultrasound twice and hear the heartbeat several more times, thanks to a doc who's keeping a close eye on things.

I've craved snow cones and beer, but due to the season and something called fetal alcohol syndrome, I haven't been able to indulge either.  (Except once!  We actually found an open snow cone stand a few weeks ago and ahhh! it was wonderful!)  (Oh, make that twice.  I actually forgot I was pregnant for a few moments and ended up drinking about 1/3 of a Shiner Bock sometime around 8 weeks.  Yum.  And oops.)

I started showing much earlier with this baby than with Luke, though I feel like since I've popped out I haven't grown much.  Still in regular jeans, but today I had to use the rubber band trick because they were too uncomfortable buttoned up.

Here's a pic at 14 weeks.

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  1. I'm so excited for you guys. Luke's going to be a great big brother!!! Can't wait to find out if he's getting a sister or brother. You guys take care