Saturday, February 2, 2013

a busy month

We are in the middle of one of the busiest months I can remember.

We've had more appointments than I ever though possible.  Orthotists.  Orthopods.  ENTs.  OBs.
Luke had an appointment with his orthopedic specialist yesterday and we got a great report.  He's continuing to make progress on his own and we don't have to go back for six months.  :)  I had another ultrasound last week and the tech let me see baby girl in 4D for a few minutes.  She's so cute I think she has Luke's little lips already!  She looks great and is growing just perfectly.

We were out of town three out of four weekends in January.  We had so much fun traveling with friends, visiting friends, going to the Bahamas, and going to a bachelorette party.  

We are busy preparing for a baby shower (not mine!), a birthday party (guess who's almost two!), and a wedding (love weddings!).

We are spring cleaning and getting ready for baby #2.  She will be here before we know it.

We've had far too little play time.  Too little park time.  Too little time with friends.  And I am desperately missing routine, slow mornings, church, and our community group.

A little Instagram for ya.  Just because he's so stinkin' beautiful.

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