Monday, February 25, 2013

28 weeks

Thought I'd offer a quick update on baby girl.
She's growing.  And grooving.  And kicking and moving.

She seems to be awake all the time and very very very active.  Oh dear.  :)

I'm feeling great as we enter this third trimester.  And though I've had a few so sick and tired of being pregnant moments, I'm still really enjoying this stage and this time and the anticipation that comes with expecting a little one.

I have very regular checkups with my doc.  I guess when you have stitches in your cervix they monitor you a little closer than the average mommy-to-be.  So we get to see baby girl on ultrasound quite frequently.  Everything looks great.  She's measuring a little big (!) and she's being held in tight.  We are shooting for a full 40 weeks here, and there's no evidence so far! that she'll come any sooner.

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  1. So so sweet. I cannot wait to meet her!!!! And you forgot to share the name you decided on... :) :)