Monday, March 18, 2013

lately (instagram style)

A while back we pulled into Kroger and Luke was quick to point out the firetruck in the parking lot.  I pulled up next to it and got him out and we were walking around looking at it when I realized that there were two firefighters in the truck.  They were so great, they gave Luke the full tour and then let him drive!

Now every time he sees a fire truck, he says, "drive" and points to himself.

Little man has become quite a climber and going to the park has never been more fun or easy!  He can do the "ladders" all by himself and thinks he is so big.

We've been doing some work around the house and yard and Luke loves to go with us to Lowe's.  (His favorite part is the toilet aisle, and the other day he actually asked to go potty in one of the display toilets. Ha!)  Here are my two handsome men after church on Sunday, buying pickets to replace part of the fence.

During such aforementioned house projects, Luke often helps outside.  But sometimes, the helping gets a bit tiresome and he has to stop to rest.  This is exactly how I found him when I came home from work the other day.  Daddy had set him up in his very own lawn chair, with a drink and the iPad playing his favorite show.

I laughed so hard!  He looks like such an old man!  In those sunglasses!

We celebrated Adam's grandma's 90th birthday a few weeks ago with a great party thrown by her six children.  It was really an amazing night for me - to see and experience the legacy that she is.  To have her children, their children, and their children all in one room - telling stories about her life and her spirit and her character.  I don't give nearly enough thought to the generations that came before me.  What lives they have lived! Annie is a really special woman.  An example of strength, grace, and a spitfire personality.

On Saturday, Pops & Marley kept Luke so Adam and I could have an entire date day.  It was a blast!  We saw a matinee movie, ate lunch outside, got pampered with a massage (for him) and a facial (for me), walked around market street, did some shopping, and went out to a kiddo-free dinner.  We are trying to soak up every moment of freedom before baby girl arrives and this was a great way to do it.

Today I was in the back of the house enjoying a quiet moment all to myself when I realized it had been a little too quiet for a little too long.  Luke's not one to get into trouble too much, so I rarely worry.  But when the silence lasted for another minute or two, I walked into the kitchen and found him like this.

Eating raw couscous.  Yuck. And making a huge mess of it.  He helped me vacuum after this.  :)

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