Wednesday, September 25, 2013

luke: two and a half

Oh my Luke!  You are just over two-and-a-half years old!
What a sweet joy you've been these last few months.

You weigh just under 30 lbs and you are tall for your age.
You've still got sandy blonde hair and light brown-hazel eyes.
You are becoming a picky little eater and you like "kid food" the best.

You are running and jumping and playing at home and at the park and anywhere else you go.
You can kick a ball with the best of 'em and you are learning to ride a scooter.

Your speech has been a little hard to understand, but you talk all the time now.
You have officially entered the "why?" phase oh my goodness.

You go to speech therapy (to play with Megan!) every week and love it.  You're doing great.

You've got a little dry sense of humor and now that you can use your words, it's revealing itself more and more and sometimes we just can't believe what comes out of your mouth!

You started a 2-year old class this year twice a week for half day and you absolutely love school.
You thrive there and the teachers tell me you are happy and pleasant.

first day of school

I would not describe you as high-energy or hyper.  You have your moments (like close to bedtime!) but for the most part you're more of a sit-down-and-play kind of guy.  You've got a great attention span and you are meticulous about your toys.  When you play pretend, you line all of your trucks up in rows and they must be facing the same direction.

You are introverted and analytical.

When you get tired, you tell me, "mama I wanna go ni-night now."  And you are plain serious.

You go to sleep around 8 pm, sleep until 7 am, and take a 2 hour nap every afternoon.

You love - and I mean love - firetrucks.
Every time we get in the car you say, "mama, I wanna pass da wa-wa-tuk (firetruck) home."
We drive by the fire station (you can show us the way!) and you tell us how many firetrucks are "home" and if they are "awake" or "ni-night."
You read books about firetrucks, watch shows about firetrucks, play pretend with firetrucks, and wear PJs with firetrucks.  You are going to be a fireman for Halloween, of course.

You are still a daddy's boy.  The first words out of your mouth each morning are, "mama, dada home?"  If he's already left for work, you cry.

You love your Honey, and you still call her "A-ha."
You love Annie.  You enjoy her and you ask me all the time to go wake her up!

You are physically very affectionate.  You love to hug, kiss, and snuggle.
And all of that is fine by me because I love you more than you'll ever know.

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