Friday, August 28, 2009

vote for us!

Hey everyone --

Our friend Shauna, who happens to be an awesome photographer & artist, is holding a little competition. Please support her business by checking out her BLOG and becoming a fan of Shauna Maness Photography on Facebook. Several days ago, she held a "Wall Call" and took some pictures in "mini sessions" of some kids and some couples -- Adam and I entered the competition and we need your votes to win!

And as awesome as it would be for us to win a FREE SESSION and 50% off our pictures, it's not really about us, but about supporting our friend as she kicks off her killer photography business here in our area! She and her husband have recently moved back home after spending some time in Germany ... So visit her sight, become a fan on FB, and give her a warm Texas, Welcome Home!

She photographed our wedding four years ago, and her talent and business have done nothing but GROW since then. If you're looking for a photographer for your kids, a wedding, your family, or any important event -- Shauna is your girl. She's amazing! She is fun, super creative, authentic, easy to work with, and crazy talented!

About the competition -- there will be a winner from each category (kids, older kids, and couples) so vote vote vote vote on your favorite image from her selection. And while you're at it, check out some of her other work! You can vote via Facebook, after you become a fan of Shauna Maness Photography, or straight from her BLOG. Look for Wall Call information. Check it out every day for the next week for fun little surprises. Be prepared to be impressed -- did I mention she is super talented?! So pass it on, spread the word, and enjoy browsing!

Thanks everyone!

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