Monday, December 24, 2012

christmas eve with pops + marley

Tradition in my family is to spend Christmas Eve with my dad by going to church and then out to a fancy dinner, then back to his house to open presents.

Though our tradition has changed a bit with my own growing family (we no longer go out to a fancy dinner!) we still spend that evening with him.

This year, Pops and Marley grilled steaks and we watched Luke open presents.
This was the most magical hour for me - watching my little boy understand what it means to open a gift and receive a toy.  He had so much fun.

We put Luke to bed over there and spent a few hours of quiet adult-time before heading home so Santa could come.  :)  

Here's a little recap, instagram-style.

1.  Christmas Eve "Eve" service at our wonderful church.
2.  Luke opening his stocking at Pops' house.  He would take out a gift and say, "more! more!" and then take out another one.  Priceless.
3.  Unwrapping.  He got the hang of this quick and once he got started it was hard to stop him!
4.  "Driving" his truck ornament through the air.
5.  Loving his new tractor.  It says, "caterpillar power!" over and over and over and over.  :)
6.  Bath time with Marley's special candy-cane bath confetti and his new sippy cup. 

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