Sunday, December 23, 2012

haircut anxiety

Luke had his first haircut just after he turned 1 and he did great. 
But he's had several haircuts since then and I swear they've gotten progressively worse.

This little man has the worse haircut anxiety in the world.
Soon as he sits down in that chair he starts screaming and shaking and crying and reaching.
It's miserable.  Miserable for everyone.

After the last haircut I called my friend Melissa crying, swore that I'd never do that to him again.

But I was taking him to a local barber that's more meant for adults. 
So today, we took a little family trip to the overpriced just-for-kids joint at the mall.

It was horrible.  Terrible.  Awful.  No good.
He screams like he's terrified.  He refuses suckers, toys, movies, cookies. 
The poor girl giving the haircut did the best she could but he does not make it easy. 
And by the time we leave, I'm swearing that I'll never do that to him again.

But his hair will grow.  And since he won't let Adam or me cut it, either, we'll have to go back.
And that thought gives me haircut anxiety.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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  1. Bribe him, tell him he can drive Miss Alyssa's car for as long as he wants if he sits still ;)