Sunday, December 30, 2012

christmas with cousins

I did not get a good Martin family picture this year, which is so sad.
But we did Christmas with Adam's family on the 26th this year.

His sisters and their kiddos were all in town for several days after Christmas, and despite all the fun, I did not get a good cousin picture.

But one night everyone was at our house for dinner and Adam snuck in the play room to see why it was so quiet and all the cousins were sitting on the couch watching Toy Story.  We put the baby on the couch, too, and snapped an iPhone pic.  Not the best quality, but a memory nonetheless.  :)  It's not too often that six kids sit still at one time!

I am so thankful for cousins.  I want Luke to grow up knowing and loving and making memories and mischief with these guys!

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