Friday, April 5, 2013

family date night

This was one of the best nights ever.

If someone would have told me two years ago that I could get this much joy out of seeing my son find joy, I would have never believed.  But tonight.  Tonight I believe.

We were out to get some frozen yogurt and we saw a fire truck driving down the road. 
Luke loves fire trucks and got very excited, as usual when we pass one of the big rigs.

But tonight, even through ruby red grapefruit sorbet, he wouldn't stop asking for more firetrucks.  Over and over he would ask for more.  So Adam told him we'd drive around after dessert to look.

We stopped at the fire station by our house to show Luke where the firetrucks go night night.

There were two trucks in the garage and as we were sitting there, one of the men came out and told us we could bring Luke inside and take a look!

Then this happened.

They gave him a hat and let him go to town.  Little man was in absolute heaven.

Made his night.
My little introvert made this face all the way home.

Didn't say a word.  But just sat in his car seat, deep in thought.  Processing.  Thinking. 
Perfectly happy.

And the first thing he did when we got inside was find his fire truck and his Mickey Mouse fireman.

And he insisted on wearing his hat for the rest of the night.

As we speak, he is in his crib trying to fall asleep.  With his hat on. 
Best family date night.  Ever.  :)

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