Wednesday, May 16, 2012

fifteen months

You, my little man, are a toddler. 

You are walking everywhere, and you get faster every day.  You're walking up and down the driveway and across uneven surfaces.  You still fall sometimes, but this never stops you.  You are determined and amazing and words cannot express how proud I am to see you walk. 

You talk all the time, but still in your own language.  You love remote controls, daddy's water bottles, my hairbrush, and little toy cars.  You love to watch the school bus drive by, you can find an airplane in the sky, and any kind of truck gets your complete attention. 

You make car noises and drive your firetruck all around the house.  All the time. 
You "talk on the phone" every chance you get.  And I wonder who you think you are calling!

You sleep from 7 at night until 7 in the morning and take two naps a day.  You eat constantly!  Some of your favorites are PB&J, mac'n cheese, smoothies, and scrambled eggs.  But you will choose fruit over absolutely anything.  You drink milk from a sippy cup and still take a paci to go to sleep.

You love Daisy. 
You share your cheerios with her and give her big, wide, open mouth kisses!
She licks you on the face and hands and it makes you laugh so hard.

Your laugh is infectious. 

The older you get, the happier you have become. 
You are sensitive, tender hearted, intuitive, and you love to snuggle when you wake up. 

You are getting so big, I don't know where the months have gone.  I love you so much little man.

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