Thursday, May 17, 2012

it's ironman week!

And we are getting so excited about Saturday!

To increase Adam's anxiety and anticipation spend a little family time together, we went to see Adam's name on the Lulu Lemon wall last night.

It was so exciting to find his name in that long list of athletes!

I'm so proud of him!

Then we walked over to his favorite pizza place for a little carbo-loading nutrition. 

Luke's sporting his first M-dot.  For those not so familiar with tri lingo, that's the big red ironman guy on his shirt.  :)  Thanks Meg!

And then we headed over to the transition area, where ironman prep is in full swing!  Our whole town is being transformed and there's an excitement in the air that is so much fun!

I think Luke could feel the energy, too.  All he wanted to do was walk around.  Adam had to pick him up and carry him most of the way to the car!

Just two more days to go!

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